A Civil Attorney With Actual Appellate Experience

Oral Arguments:

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals:
Hamilton v. Sears Roebuck and Company, Case No. 08-17353
Title VII sex discrimination and ERISA
Represented – Hamilton, Appellant, argued November 2009
Result – Partial Reversal and Remanded, November 2009

Riddle v. Washington et al., Case No. 10-16184
Title VII racial discrimination and Section 1983.
Represented – Riddle, Appellant, argued September 2011
Result – Reversed and Remanded, October 2011

Schwartz v. Clark County Nevada et al., Case No. 14-16365
ADA, Disability Discrimination
Represented – Schwartz, Appellant, argued May 2016
Result – Reversed and Remanded, May 2016

Nevada Supreme Court:
Shehyn v. Leigh, Case No. 46545
same sex couple property division
Represented – Leigh, Respondent, argued June 2007
Result – Affirmed July 2007

Bangalore et al. v. Williams, Case No. 65877
Petition for Writ – Medical battery case
Represented – Williams, Respondent, argued October 2015
Result – writ Issued August 2016